Learn To Play The Piano In Your Own Home


affordable, private
professional piano instructor

If you are in the
Washington, DC area,
please schedule a lesson

you provide piano/keyboard,
I will come to your home!


Be Sharpe provides private piano lessons to the pupil utilizing the John W. Shaum Piano Course
Series. The instructional foundation for said lessons will be from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary musical periods. Lessons will include extensive study in technique, interpretation,
stage presence, and music theory. Servicing Ages 6 & Up.


  1. John W. Schaum Piano Course Book (Level TBD)
  2. Black and White Composition Book or Spiral Notebook


  1. The student and pupil will meet at (Day/Time to be decided) at Be Sharpe Music Conservatory or the home of the pupil (The amount per lesson will increase according to the distance from the instructor's home to the home of the client if the client chooses to receive lessons in his or her own home).
  2. Each lesson will be 30 minutes in length.


  1. The cost of each individual lesson is $25.00*.
  2. The first four (4) lessons shall be paid at the time of the lesson and no later. From then on, lessons must be prorated for the entire month. (4 weeks in advance)
  3. If payment cannot be made, please notify the instructor no less than 3 days prior to the lesson in which payment is due so that alternate arrangements can be made.


  1. The pupil will be expected to practice at least fifteen (15) minutes per day on his/her own for beginners. The recommended practice time will increase according to experience.
  2. The pupil will be quizzed on material from previous lessons at least once per month to monitor progress.
I look forward to guiding your growth as a musician. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
B. Sharise Moore, Piano Instructor